Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Georgia's Voter ID Law Declared Unconstitutional

Georgia decided enough conerns over voter fraud justified some common sense. So Georgia passed a voter ID law. It requires a photo ID that proves your identity to vote. No more stolen social security cards, utility bills and birth certificates that don't have photos.

Pro-voter fraud activists argued that the law was unfair to the poor, elderly and minorities who may not have drivers licenses, can't afford a state issued photo ID or might feel intimidated if required to show their ID. Georgia listened. The law will give, without a fee, an ID card to those who can't afford one. Give them one. For free.

US District Judge Harold Murphy yesterday ignored all that, ignored common sence and the meaning of words, and ignored the constitution, and declared the law unconstitutional.

I don't have the time to give this story the justice it deserves. This opinion is simply outrageous. When the elderly want to cash their social security checks, they don't seem to have trouble finding an ID card. When the poor and when minorities want to buy a bottle of booze, they don't seem to have trouble finding an ID card or feel intimidated showing it.

And last time I checked, if something was free, it wasn't a tax.

Want to buy a lottery ticket, a pack of cigs or can of beer? Show ID. This is simply too important to risk on not requiring a photo ID.

Want to vote? Come on in. Your belly button lint will suffice for ID, and any additional requirement is simply unconstitutional.

Does anyone really question that the Democrats (and that is who challenged the law) want voter fraud to be easier rather than harder? Now, why would that be I wonder.

UPDATE: Brad at Unrepentant Individual adds to the discussion: I’m going to have to agree with Boortz on this one. I don’t see why we should be making it so easy to vote. What’s really odd here is that Democrats, who have been screaming over the “stolen” election of 2000 are only concerned with how votes are counted, not with who’s allowed to vote. The same people who are so concerned with stolen elections are completely unconcerned with whether or not voting laws can be enforced. Go read it all.


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