Thursday, December 15, 2005

Death Of A Mock Star

Stanley Tookie Williams was put to death recently. I'm sure the blogosphere has covered this extensively. My observations are simple enough.

The guy was destined for this end. "Tookie" is not a nickname. It is his given middle name. Johnny Cash sang about a guy who was named "Sue" by his piece of crap father who wanted to force him to fight all of his life. With a name like Tookie, he may have been destined for a life of violence (that will be my only attempt at humor in this post).

If violence was his destiny, Tookie fulfilled that destiny willingly and often.

In 1969, Tookie founded a street gang that later beame known as the "Crips." That history is hardly worth exploring, though the D.A. did in the clemency hearing. We have all heard about the Crips. It will never be accused of being a civil society.

In February of 1979, Albert Lewis Owens worked at a 7-11. During a robbery with other predators, Tookie directed him to a back storage room and ordered him to lie down. Tookie shot out a security monitor and then killed Owens, shooting him twice in the back as he lay prone on the storage room floor.

Tookie bragged about his murder of Owens, stating, “You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him.” One of the participants in this robbery, Tony Sims, was not given immunity in exchange for testimony. Rather, he was tried for and convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. His testiomony supports the conviction and other witnesses against Tookie for this crime.

In March of 1979, the Yang family, Taiwanese immigrants, operated a hotel in South Central. In the early morning, Tookie broke down the door to a private office and shot and killed husband and wife, 76 year old Yen-Yi Yang and sixty-three year old Tsai-Shai Yang. Tookie then topped off the evening killing their daughter, 43 year old Yee-Chen Lin. He then emptied stole the cash on hand and left.

In 1979, while in jail, Tookie and another inmate planned an escape. The plans at various times called for the planned murder of guards.

In 1981, a jury of one black, one hispanic and 10 whites convicted him. They recommended the death penalty. It took 24 years for that to happen. Tookie allegedly threatened the jury after he was found guilty.

In prison, Tookie is allegedly the model for reform. Let's see.

June 1981: Tookie involved in a fight with another inmate and ignored orders to stop beating the inmate.

Jan. 1982: Tookie threatens a guard, stating "you'll get yours boy, I can do anything now because I know what the gunmen will do…one of these days I'll trick you boy."

Jan 1982: Tookie thrice threw chemical substances at guards. One resulted in burns of the guard and hospitalization.

Feb. 1984: Tookie beat another inmate. In an effort to stop the attack, the guard blew his whistle and drew his weapon. Only a warning shot stopped him.

June 1984: Tookie was engaged in some activity with a female visitor, and when approached by a guard stated, "you are looking around too much and that's not your job. I have dusted many officers on the street, one more would not make any difference."

July 1986: Tookie again beat an inmate and ignored calls to stop the beating.

Oct. 1988: Tookie in another fight, this time getting himself stabbed by Tiequon Aundray Cox (aka Lil Fee), a Rolling 60s Crips member, and fellow death row inmate. Prison officials subsequently learned that this stabbing was done in retaliation for a stabbing of another inmate ordered by Tookie.

Oct. 1988: Tookie was placed in Administrative Segregation based on his association with the Crips street gang.

Dec. 1991: Tookie involved in another fight with an inmate and again ignored orders to stop until faced down with guns and a warning shot.

July 1993: Tookie involved in large shower fight until warning shots fired.

His prison record is allegedly clean from this point forward. Since this time, he has allegedly became redeemed. From what is unclear, since while claiming redemption, he also claimed innocence. Of course, we know he wasn't a peace seeking individual at the time of his incarceration. He was a cold blooded and violent person.

Tookie wrote some children's books. Tookie was nominated by Leftists for Nobel Prizes. This included, yeah, get this, Peach, and for Literature. On the plus side, should he win the Nobel Peace Prize, he would not be the most prolific murderer to receive the award. He would be a far second to Yasser Arafat (ok, you could argue that was a second attempt at humor, but was it funny because it is true?).

The story of Tookie's redemption (which is the name of the movie about his redemption, starring Jamie Foxx - photo at right) has its doubters. Tookie never renounced his membership in the Crips. He never assisted in the prosecution of a single gang member.

Maybe Tookie redeemed himself. I cannot say. While I can and will judge conduct, I cannot judge the state of one's soul. I hope Tookie redeemed himself with the Lord. I hope he found peace in his heart and sincerely repented for the many lives he destroyed -- directly and indirectly.

Nonetheless, we live in a country of laws. The law was served well this week. Tookie received everything he needed to receive before being justly executed by a society that had every right to take his life -- as punishment, as deterent, and as retribution. Tookie received a fair trial. Tookie received a number of appellate reviews of his trial. Tookie received a full clemency hearing by the Governor of his state. Tookie received spiritual guidance prior to his execution.

Tookie, if you were sincerely turned, may God accept and lift up your soul in heaven. Those on earth, however, were justified in returning you to your maker.


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

Gee whiz, KJ, say all the good stuff and leave nothing for us? You turning into Cassandra?

Well written and well said.

At 5:00 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

The community should be in mourning for such a waste of a forceful life. Ending it was just; Tookie's choices were the travesty.


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