Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Short Thoughts

Yes, I'm still busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. So some quick thoughts.

Saddam is not afraid of his execution. Well, that cowardly spider hole would suggest otherwise, but in any event, good. That makes two of us.

Businesses have the right to choose their clients. This business asks for kids to behave, which really just means that parents pay attention and control the little brats. The sign he posted is simple: "Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices."

Good for him. All you parents of hellions, get over yourself. Your kid isn't the problem. You are. You don't have the right to bring your kids everywhere you want to go anyhow. If they can't behave, let the customers eat in peace.

This is just a facinating twist on the new Shaivo type debate:

The state, which now has legal custody of the child, wants to terminate her life support, citing medical tests that show she will never recover. Her stepfather has launched a legal battle to keep her alive.

But more than Haleigh's future hinges on the outcome. The stepfather, Jason Strickland, 32, is accused of taking part in a savage beating that left the girl in a vegetative state and dependent on life support. And if she dies, he could be charged with murder.

So the alleged abuser is just guilty of child abuse. But if she dies, it becomes murder. And while the article does not say what the law is in Massachusettes, I know many states place a time limit (often one year) on when a crime is committed that allegedly causes death may be called murder.

Is essence, we have an incentive by those with an interest to maximize punishment (e.g., the state) to "kill" the victim by turning off the life support, and the criminal has an incentive to prolong treatment because, after all, it isn't fair for you to kill her then charge someone else with murder.

Naturally, I think the legal custodian (in this case, now the State) gets to decide. But some effort should be made to ensure that the incentives arising out of the criminal case are removed from the decision.

Finally, the headline:

Arkansas Man Caught After Scaling White House Fence.

Later, Bill Clinton appologized and admitted that he should have just made an appointment.


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