Friday, August 12, 2005

The Wussification Of America Continues

A Kansas jury awarded a high school student $250,000 for a suit in which he claimed that his school didn't try to stop the bullying he endured. He dropped out of school as a junior and has received psychiatric care. He has since earned his GED.
The lawsuit was filed under Title IX legislation, which prohibits sexual discrimination in any institution receiving federal funds. The suit said the bullies repeatedly called Theno homosexual names. Theno is not gay.
Hmmmm.... sounds familiar.

Self esteem has become a means rather than an end. School papers must be graded with less aggressive colors than red. Now, straight kids who wear an earring in each ear can't even be expected to tolerate kidding about their gay appearance in the heartland.

Now, I'm not saying it was OK to bully him. I am saying that he should have gotten rid of one of the earrings. There is such a thing as "what did you expect."

They may not make us all gay, but they will make us all wussies if we allow this to continue.


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