Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What To Read On The Left

It is good to read blogs from reasonable, well intentioned left-of-center viewpoints from time to time.

When I started this Blog, I suspected being more harsh on the Republicans that a Leftist view of this blog would believe that I am. I guess the issues that tend to make me maddest -- the WOT, economic policy and hyperbole regarding Christian issues -- and thus more likely to write, are issues from a more right-of-center perspective. I have spent some time here bashing Republicans for not limiting the size of the Federal government, and I have pointed out some Christians who have overblown an issue or two.

As a reader of libertarian blogs, I get some of the "liberal" viewpoint already in the social arena, where I have more liberal tendancies myself. But, I find my computer time so limited, and most Leftist blogs so absurd and profane in langugae (Bush is Hitler, swearing, etc.) that most of true Leftist reading comes from the newspaper editorial pages or the talking head shows.

Anyway, for a nice roundup of some top "liberal" blogs, check out QandO's Taxonomy of Liberal Blogs. This does a good job of rounding up the better, more consistent and intellectually honest blogs on the Left (and exposes a few that are not). Read the good ones sometimes for insight and perspective. Read the wingnuts sometimes to get angry or laugh, as your termperment permits.

As the saying goes, keep your friends close . . . .


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