Friday, August 12, 2005

Non-Jury Trial In Tennessee.

Sometimes they come back. But I wouldn't advise that.

Two weeks earlier, 59 year old Jacob Evans [pictured at left] was robbed by two men in his front yard. That kind of pissed him off. So he "got ready" for the next time. He armed himself. The same two robbers thought they had a patsy. They learned otherwise.

Tuesday, the same two robbers returned, telling him to withdraw $10,000 from his bank, or die, he said. Instead, Evans deposited six bullets in one of them.

"I got prepared for them," Evans said, standing outside the Criminal Justice Center Tuesday night. "Today they acted a damn fool and came back."

Evans was ready this time. Evans and a friend were driving into Evans' driveway when the two men came from behind bushes, forced one man away from the car and jumped in. They told evans to go to the bank to withdraw the money.

He pulled up to the teller window and told the men he would need a withdrawal slip to get the money. The front-seat robber handed his 9mm pistol to the back-seat robber -- who already had a .22-caliber rifle -- and went inside to get the slip.
While the guy in the back seat was nervously watching a security guard, Evans pulled a .357 Magnum from under his seat and unloaded six rounds into the man. [Last known picture at right.]

Evans bought the gun in the parking lot of a gas station the day after he was robbed two weeks ago. He'd cleaned it up, putting baby oil in the revolver, so it'd be ready if he needed it.
OK, maybe a gun law was violated. I'll let it pass.

While Evans was reloading, the other robber came out of the bank, saw the situation and ran away.

Evans was a little upset about the incident.

Evans said he has only one regret. "I didn't kill the one that got away."
Tuesday night, his family drove up from Mississippi to be with Evans, who said he was happy to be alive. "It's really not something to be proud of," he said. "But I'm happy it was them and not me."
Me too Evans. Me too.

This non-jury trial resulted in a conviction and one swiftly completed death sentence. Hopefully the escaped partner will receive his non-jury trial soon.

h/t: Masked Menace


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