Thursday, August 11, 2005

NARAL Means Nasty Abortionists Run Ads Libelous

NARAL has something to say about Roberts, and it's not gay. They'd like you to believe that John Roberts, esteemed nominee to the Supreme Court and widely admired possibly gay man, has been "siding with violent extremists and a convicted clinic bomber while serving in the solicitor general's office," according to a Washington Post article. has picked up the ad, run on the Fox News channel, and fisked it. The anti-Roberts indictments by NARAL turn out to be totally false.

Not that NARAL left it at that. They also claimed that Fox had okayed the ad; but like the lying liars they are, they lied. The Washington Post corrected a story they ran with NARAL's claim about Fox, noting that Fox News did not "approve the ad for airtime":

They wanted to show that their ad passed muster across the political spectrum
by saying that FNC had also approved the ad for airtime. Their willingness to
use lies to combat the Roberts nomination should prove instructive for not just
reporters who rely on their information, but for those who need to measure
NARAL's credibility while pondering NARAL's arguments.
Hat tip: Captain Ed and Gary the Ex Donkey.

Post written by tee bee and cross posted at A Guide To Midwestern Culture, and cross-posted at CBWSGJR.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

I like this headline a lot better than the one I wrote. I need access to your headline writer. Thanks for posting this!


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