Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Badge Of Victimhood

The blog Are You Conservative? reports:

To: U.S. soldiers serving in IraqFrom: The Left and Our Loyal Legions in the Press

On behalf of our distinguished colleagues at LOLLP, whose courageous thoughts and boundless intellect are the real defenders of liberty, we bestow upon you the the highest honor awarded non-members, i.e., those of far lesser stature,

The Scarlet Badge of Victimhood

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In an admittedly shameless attempt to exhibit some show of support for U.S. troops serving in Iraq (because it would be political suicide to turn on you prematurely), it is with disingenuous sincerity we cleverly present you with this medal.

Wear it well, if not proudly.

While this distinction may strip you of the respect and admiration afforded the "heroes" of World War II, it will spare you the indignities and disgrace suffered by American soldiers upon their return home from Vietnam, a conflict, if you recall, we of the LOLLP worked tirelessly to undermine.

So, think twice before refusing our gracious offer to portray you as victims rather than the brutal, bloodthirsty huns you've become, mindlessly following Hitler's orders.

Pity or scorn. The choice is yours. Honor is not an option.

Signed: The Board of Directors
"The True Keepers of the Flame"

A Quiz follows. Go take it.

h/t: Wuzzadem. Go read his letter from the family of Howard Dean at the same link.


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