Thursday, June 09, 2005

Political Action - The Right And The Wrong

The Good:

Every now and then young(er) people give me hope. Fix Our Future is a group of youngsters targeting youngsters for their own best interest, which means reforming the Federal ponzi scheme called Social Security. Good luck!

The Bad:

For an example of bad political activism, check out's latest beauty., uber liberal wingnut group, decided to protest Congressman Mike Rogers' ties to Tom DeLay on June 1. So 20 people gathered at the office of Mike Rogers in his Michigan district. They were armed with various financial records that showed contributions back and forth between Rogers and DeLay. Boy, was this Rogers chap in for a surprise.

There was one small problem, however. They had the wrong Mike Rogers. Not only was it the wrong Mike Rogers, but they were in the wrong state. They wanted Congressman Mike Rogers from Alabama. Oops!

The Ugly: Wonder why there are not very many Muslims in Congress? Think it is discrimination in a post-9/11 world? Or might it be self selection?

Me, I think it is self selection. Muslims could never serve in Congress and be exposed to all the pork. The 2005 Citizens Against Government Waste has released its book, 2005 Congressional Pig Book Summary. It also has a searchable database. Lots of fun reading. I may highlight some later.



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