Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So Busy

Suggested reading:

Best of the Web (Which happened to link to CBWSTGJR twice).

Money quote, on why the different positions the Western papers are taking on the Muslim cartoon controversy:

What accounts for the difference? A combination of fear and ideology. Muslim fundamentalists, or at least some of them, express offense by torching embassies and threatening terrorist attacks. By contrast, U.S. military leaders write firm but polite letters to the editor, and Christian fundamentalists ask their elected representatives to stop spending tax money on offensive stuff. (Never believe a liberal when he professes to find Christian fundamentalists "scary.") There is no need to appease an opponent who respects rules of civilized behavior.

Cassandra's back at her old pad. Don't miss it or it may be too late. She's not only the greatest, but she retires and comes back like Muhammad Ali. (I hope she laughs at that as intended.) Today she has already tackled the boneheaded comments by Senator Leahy wherein he was concerned about domestic spying on peaceful Quakers, puppies and grannies.

Heigh Ho has a thoughtful post on the Muslim cartoon controversy, followed by a very funny post about what to do with hardware when you quit blogging.

Finally, for another good laugh, check out BlameBush, WuzzaDem, Beautiful Autrocities and my Blogfather, Scrappleface.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Cassandra said...

but she retires and comes back like Muhammad Ali...

More like a bad penny :)


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