Monday, February 06, 2006

Want to Play Nice?

So, what do you think "Europe: Remeber 9/11" means? Is that an encouragement to back the U.S. war on terror? Or a threat? You and I both know what it means. Madris and London are not the end of it for sure.

"Liberalism Go To Hell" I don't think that is about the Leftists in the U.S. Heck, most of them make excuses for the violence of the terrorist. No, you should read "liberalism" as "freedom" or "freedom of speech."

"Europe You'll Come Crawling When Mutahideen Come Roaring" Yes, to the U.S. asking for deliverance. And we will do our best.

This isn't about cartoons. This is about global domination. Every western government with any form of freedom, even semi-socialist European freedom, is in danger.

Regrettably Mandatory Disclaimer: I do not hate or fear all Muslims. I do not even hate or fear any Muslims that I personally know. I do hate and fear the movements that lead to this type of senseless violence. This post is good and I endorse it. I also personally endorse the moderation sought hopefully by some in the Muslim and non-Muslim world.


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