Friday, November 11, 2005

News You Can Use

While others (like a certain counselor we all know and love) may focus on boring minutiae like war, national politics, Supreme Court nominations, and the like, *some* bloggers are looking out for you. Bringing you the vital information you need to know about in your daily lives.... Like this little gem:

According to a new study, female sex hormones may be responsible for making women better multi-taskers and safer drivers than men. The report was released Monday at the annual meeting of the soCiety for Endocrinology in London. It also revealed that a woman's attention span in cognitive tests was far higher than that of a man.

Researchers say estrogen levels may prime the frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain involved in such skills.

Or how about this:

Women who take frequent vacations sleep better, are more satisfied in marriage, and are less likely to be tense or depressed.

Problem is, most of them aren't even getting one vacation a year.

A new survey of working women found they got away from it all ...

Twice a year (23.4 percent)
Once a year (34 percent)
Once every two to five years (23.2 percent)
Once every six years (19.4 percent)

The odds of depression and tension are higher among women who get away only once in two years compared with women who leave it all behind twice or more per year, the study found. That was no surprise. "Vacations provide a break from everyday stressors," McCarty said. "They allow us time away from work or home and help us release built-up tension."

And apparently that irritating woman on TV who insists on telling the entire planet, "My man uses Levitra" is smiling for a reason. So do it for her.

And take her on vacation. It might help make up for that disappointing disparity in her paycheck.


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Hummer said...

I seem to recall some recent studies about women.

To relieve female stress, have your man give you an orgasm.

And what can females do better when Aunt Flo visits? Math and reading maps.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

You are so dead. Yes... *so* dead.


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