Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day!

Today is the day that we recognize the state capital of Ohio for all it has done for our country.

I have read today that some misguided souls actually think that today is about some famous guy named Christopher Columbus, written about today here. What was he? A ship captain that got lost? Puh-lease.

Due to the debate that some people have had over this Columbus fellow, the leaders of certain enlightened, utopias have called for or renamed Columbus Day. Thus, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez changed the name of Venezuela's "Columbus Day" to "The Day of Indigenous Resistance" in October of 2002 in honor of the nation's indigenous groups. Similar moonbattery comes out of Berkley ever year as well.

Regardless of your view of this Columbus fellow, I'm sure you must admit that Columbus, Ohio is a peachy keen city. Please, no protests about Columbus, Ohio. The city never did nothing to you.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

So.... Chavez is honoring them for getting conquered? 'Cause resistance isn't victory.

People make too much of this Colombus Day thing. He's just a guy with a boat who did what everyone else at the time wanted to do.

How does that make him Satan, or even the patron saint of all the herds of French, Spanish and other opportunists who showed up for a cup of coffee and some plunder?


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