Wednesday, September 21, 2005

No Time -- Enjoy The Links

I have less time than normal to write anything. So let me share the good reading I've done in last two days:

spd rdr is on a role at Heigh Ho. Read this on bloated government spending and this on silly Muslim offensiveness.

WuzzaDem takes on the LameStream media.

Cassandra takes on race and Katrina issues. She also has a caption contest.

Check out Carnival of Liberty XII. You know the line -- go or you're a commie.

QandO questions some of Bush's department appointments, and the questions have merit.

Below The Beltway and Captain's Quarters discuss the recent Attorney General's boneheaded effort to step up FBI porn enforcement. What is Gonzales thinking? They ponder the question. The answer, though, doesn't matter.


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