Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Michael Moore Wins One. Good, In This Case.

Two complaints were filed against Michael Moore's mockumentary Farenheit 911 to the FEC on the grounds that it violated the a ban on the use of corporate money for election-time presidential ads. They were recently dismissed by the FEC. Good.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comUnfortunately, the FEC didn't dismiss the Complaints on the grounds that a law that would make an advertisement about political speech was clearly unconstitutional. It did find, however, that the movie was legitimate commercial activity. This is good news for free speech, as limited as the ruling was, for it should allow propoganda movies and so called documentaries of all political stripes to survive such challenges in the future.

Next time, find the law unconstitutional, since our Supreme Court Leftists (plus, in this case, O'Conner) lacked the judgment to do so.

h/t: Libertas.


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