Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Libertarians Continue To Prove Sense of Humor

In response to the Kelo v. New London opinion, libertarians have really taken the Supremes seriously.

First, a libertarian businessman went after Justice Souter's house.

Now, a different group of libertarians are going after Justice Breyer's vacation home.

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The New Hampshire Libertarian Party is collecting signatures for a petition to ask the town to use Justice Stephen G. Breyer's 167-acre Plainfield property to create a "Constitution Park," with stone monuments to commemorate the U.S. and New Hampshire constitutions, said party Vice Chairman Mike Lorrey.

"The point is: What goes around comes around," Lorrey said. "This is a way of saying, 'You're going to be held to your own standard.'" Lorrey said the Libertarian petition would place the land-taking request before a town meeting next spring.

The Souter effort failed, as will this one most likely. These efforts are mostly publicity stunts, but they do a public service of keeping this abortion of a Supreme Court opinion in public spot light and perhaps may even make a Justice or two realize the idiocy of his or her vote in Kelo.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

The spousal unit heard this on the news while driving home last night. He told me whilst I was paying bills last night - it tickled me, especially as I was grouchy at the time (writing out large checks has that effect on me).

At 2:53 PM, Blogger spd rdr said...

I wonder what Judge Ginsberg has got that will make it way on to libertarian eBay?

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Dr. Harden Stuhl said...

I never liked any of the Supreme Court Judges anyway. Any one that can wear robes to work and never get fired is not okay with me. Not when I almost get canned for wearing my slippers. The final rub is that they have to go and push forward one of the most unfair and idiotic misuses of Judical authourity anywhere. They are completely off my Christmas card list.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Mike Lorrey said...

The Souter effort has not failed, merely one method of getting eminent domain has been refused. There are other methods being pursued by actual NH residents who had been planning this effort before Clement scooped us in the press. We are all working together now.


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