Monday, August 01, 2005

Dinosaur Embryo Research Debate

Scientists say that a newly discovered dinosaur embryo may lead to finding the cure to cancer, Parkinsons disease, and genatil warts.

Despite all these potential cures, private drug companies, who claim that they must spend millions on research and development, which justifies their high drug prices and need to drug as many kids as possible for ADD/ADHD, refuse to fund the dinosaur embryo research.

President Bush has come out against the funding, claiming that even though dinosaurs are extinct and have been for millions of years, it is wrong to create new dinosaurs, only to snatch the life from the dinosaur embryo. Any existing dinosaur embryos may be used, however.

Congress now debates a bill that some Republican senators hope will override a Presidential veto.


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Kenji said...

Why is it that when it comes to cloning and bringing extinct species back, it is all immoral? I want to know why. I don't care is religious people say that the dinosaur fossils were put there by the devil. They have DNA, and therefore were once living. And, if they say that a species going extinct a long time ago is just a trick to play on us, then why don't they say that the endangered species list is also the work of the devil?


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