Thursday, August 25, 2005

Judge Roberts* Thursday (8/25)

Judge Roberts* THURSDAY (8/25)

I received this article from spd rdr. At first I thought, oh, perfect for Gay**, I mean Judge Roberts* Thursday. But then I found it confusing. Let me explain.

This was the headline:

Gay channel to launch 'Worldcast' for nightly news.

This is good. I'm glad to know that there are some gay** channels out there. Lots of stations show dreary, depressing dramas. Also, most network news is just so sad and dark. We need more happy, colorful news.

But then the article said this:

Anchored by Josh Fountain, "QTN Worldcast" will feature "the latest in queer news around the globe," the network said.

Queer news? But queer means a deviating from the expected or normal; strange; odd or unconventional; suspicious, strange or unusual.

Oh, I get it. Because news is normally sad and depressing, a show about happy, colorful news would seem kind of queer wouldn't it. I think we should all tune in.

*Judge Roberts is currently replacing our Gay** Thursday.

** Gay: 1 a : happily excited : MERRY b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits 2 a : BRIGHT, LIVELY b : brilliant in color


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