Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feelings - May 10, 2005

Because it is not the facts that matter. What matters is how you feel about them.

Chrysler Competition Ban

In Kokomo, Indiana, which is not nearly as exotic as it sounds, the local Chrysler plant is enforcing its product loyalty policy with a heavy handed parking policy:

A new policy that took effect Monday designates about 80 percent of employee parking spaces at the plants for Chrysler vehicles only.

It forces workers to park much farther away if they drive a car or truck made by a competing manufacturer. Workers have been told that non-Chrysler vehicles parked in the reserved areas will be towed to Indianapolis at a cost of $200.

The policy has not had the intended effect. The 80% of reserved parking spots are largely unused. The employees' Chrysler vehicles keep breaking down before they can get to the reserved parking spots.

Why Do You Call Me A$$-Face?

In a related story, a woman fighting the effects of aging uses vaginal and butt cream on her face.

Before and after photos of woman who puts vaginal and butt cream on her face.
"I have been putting Premarin vaginal cream on my face for 20 years, and it works," said Vicki Mackarvich. Oprah Winfrey was a little stunned, but interested, reported WBAL-TV in Baltimore.
Premarin isn't the only thing Mackarvich uses on her face. "I use that with Preparation H for puffiness, dryness around your eyes. I use that every night, it really seems to work," Mackarvich said.
"Personally, if something is meant for my 'hu-ha', I don't think I'm going to put it on my eyes," Hoffman [Ed.: a doctor interviewed for this story] added.
What is next? Injecting deadly bacteria that paralyzes your face muscles?

Do You Hunt? No? Don't You Have A Computer?

In an unrelated story, apparently hunting is now an on-line activity.

The New York state Senate will take aim this week at Internet hunting. Lawmakers plan to pass legislation that will bar anyone from creating or maintaining a Web site or hunting gallery in New York for remote control hunting through the Internet.

The legislative effort is in response to a Texas Web site that plans to let users fire at real game with the click of a mouse. One sponsor of the bill said hunting was never meant to be a video game.

At least 14 other states and Congress are considering similar bills. Those who support the sites say remote hunting could be beneficial for hunters with disabilities.

Apparently, 14 states and Congress hate handicapped hunters.

I would add that internet hunting would also allow children to kill deer in the safety of their home where only on-line perverts have access to them. Do not pass this ban -- for the children.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Pile On® said...

There is no picture. How are we the readers supposed to judge if this mustn'touch area cream combo actually works if we can't see the subject?

A picture of the cream label? That is just stupid journalism.

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Jehane said...

Actually KJ, show girls at Vegas have been using Prep H under their eyes for years to get rid of puffiness - it's an old show business trick. I read that in a book once. And no there is no picture :)

Hadn't heard the Premarin one though - it's an estrogen cream (I think - I Googled it) used in hormone replacement therapy, although why anyone wants to put more hormones into a woman is more than I can understand. The effect ought to be (if I'm guessing right) to prevent the thinning of your skin that happens as you lose estrogen.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger KJ said...

Pile On,

Your wish is my command.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Pile On® said...

Very nice skin,

Hard to argue with results.


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