Thursday, April 28, 2005

You Might Be In The Wrong Line Of Work If ...

Americans change jobs every day. Sometimes, it is because they have just chosen the wrong line of work for their talents. For example, even though I am an attorney, I would never choose to be a family lawyer. I know my personality. I do not have the patience to hold someone's hand through a divorce and take seven calls a day about the toilet seat being left up.

A person in Oklahoma has evidently chosen the wrong line of work as well. He chose to be a burglar. Problem is, he appears to have a conscience:
ENID, Okla. -- Oklahoma lawman Jerry Niles has investigated plenty of burglaries.
But a break-in to return stolen stuff is a new one on him. A television, stereo and VCR were taken over the weekend from a house in the small town of Kremlin, Okla.

Niles, the Garfield County undersheriff, said the woman who lives in the house called again this week to report another break-in. But this time all her electronic gear had been returned. The apparent crook-with-a-conscience even reconnected the wires and repaired the door jamb damaged in the original break-in. Deputies are investigating.

We applaud his honesty. We would also suggest a career change.


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