Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

A woman is cited for disorderly conduct. For yelling profanity. In her own home. At her toilet.

In other news, her boss says that she will not be punished for her run in with the law. On the contrary, she may be promoted for being good for morale.


Not all criminals are idiots. This guy seemed to have a pretty clever gig going.

Gibson was driving a stolen box trailer, taken from Central Food Equipment on Reynolds Road in Lakeland in 2005, deputies said. The trailer had been outfitted with two tanks with a capacity of 3,250 gallons of fuel.

Gibson rigged a trap door in the bottom of the trailer and parked over the underground fuel tanks at gas stations. Deputies said he would drop a hose into the tanks and use marine batteries to pump the gas into the trailer.

He would unload the fuel into larger tanks at his business, Crews Towing, at the Recker Highway property, authorities said. Gibson would sell the fuel at $1.80 a gallon, authorities said.

Who wants to bet he got caught because he was reselling the gas too cheap?


Alabama man finds a better way to get his house cleaned than hiring the nearest illegal alien. He catches a burglar in the act, and makes him clean the house at gun point.

Adrian McKinnon held the suspect -- Tajuan Bullock, 33, of 2963 University Drive -- at gunpoint and told him to sit on the floor until he de­cided what he was going to do, she said.

"We made this man clean up all the mess he made, piles of stuff, he had thrown out of my drawers and cabi­nets onto the floor," she said.

Once police arrived, Bul­lock complained to them about being forced at gun­point to clean up the home.

"This man had the nerve to raise sand about us mak­ing him clean up the mess he made in my house," she said. "The police officer laughed at him when he complained and said anybody else would have shot him dead.

"That made the man shut up."

What a beautiful story. I love it when people get to serve as their own judge and jury.


Why do I send my children to private school, you ask?

A school board on Wednesday approved birth control pills and patches for students at a middle school in Portland, Maine. Condoms were already available.

The sixth through eighth grade students at King Middle School will be able to get the contraceptives at their student health center.

Opponents cited religious and health objections. Supporters said students often can't discuss sexuality with their parents.

Imagine that! A sixth grader being hasseled by his parents over a few birth control pills. These knuckle draggin neanderthal parents just slay me.


And now, for those fast hitting news stories you seek at the beginning of the newscast.

In sports, how do the Colorado Rockies keep winning, you ask? Ask their new player - God.

Today's non-Vick cruelty to animals award goes to some guy in England. Wow. I can't condone it. I mustn't. Won't do it.

In weather, Florida storms destroy a church day care and a beer tent at an Oktoberfest. Oh the humanity! (For either one, I reckon.)

Day (Season) 7 is coming (note the new address). Sometime. The new trailer comes out in Times Square on October 25. Even if Hillary is elected, Jack will protect us.

For Camojack: new 24 cast member Carly Pope:

Yeah, it would have been better if she were holding a beer or riding a motorcycle. You can't have everything. Where would you put it?

Finally, if you think the Feds are getting soft on punishment, read this legal yarn about Amtrak.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

No one needs me to come back, KJ. That is why I deleted my posts.

I go and within a few weeks you, Pile, Jeff, Wuzzadem all started writing again. And it is not as though you all were around much any more anyway.

Everything gets old after a while - like I said, even I was getting awfully tired of listening to me blather on. It really is OK. I understand. The only thing I miss is being with you all, but a lot of you weren't there much anymore anyway. And I suppose I miss writing too, but I will find a way to do that somehow or somewhere.

I am changing my life and that is a good thing. It was time :)

At 1:43 AM, Anonymous camojack said...

"For Camojack: new 24 cast member Carly Pope"

Hey now! That is (almost) enough to make me take up watching television again. Nowadays I only watch "my" NFL team, and the occasional movie.

But I appreciate the thought... :-)

At 9:05 AM, Blogger KJ said...

I was there Cass. I was just there fewer times per day and quieter. Besides, you had more than enough to replace me.

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

People are not interchangeable, my friend.

At least, not to me. I was not complaining :) I have always told you all I didn't expect you to read just because we were friends. I was just trying to say what Sly said better than I could.

I could have stayed forever.

But it was beginning to hurt instead of being fun like it used to be. And I didn't want to stay until all I did was repeat myself over and over and I wasn't any good any more. And there are so many wonderful writers out there, and I was getting so tired trying to keep that place going all by myself.

I have so many wonderful memories. I didn't want to ruin them with bad ones. Sometimes if you love a thing, you have to be able to let go of it or let it change into something else, or even walk away entirely.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Pile OnĀ® said...

When I first started blogging I wanted to get a lot of hits.

Now I don't care. I only started again to have a place where an elite few could amuse each other or make fun of each other. And of course shed brilliant insight on current events.

Even though I did not have the time like I used to to read and make comments at Cass's (and when I did I was usually late to the party), it was alway there.

No it isn't.

That is why I fired up the Intitute. I don't know if I will have time to keep it running but that is why I invited some of my homeys.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger KJ said...

Same here. But I will always miss VC and its various other forms.

At 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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