Saturday, July 15, 2006

Masters In The Obvious

An aquarium nut has noticed an unfortunate side effect to adopting two sharks. His fish disappear.

"These were ordered by, I believe a dentist, and when he saw that they were good-sized sharks (and) they wouldn't fit in his tank, they needed a home or they were going to die," Valentine said. The new additions to his tank have made snacks out of his other fish.

"They're not as hungry as normally today because they just ate one of our donated puffer fish," Valentine said. The puffer fish are not the only ones to fall victim to the sharks, Dwyer reported.

"We had a nice display of some angels, a couple of raffs and about 40 damsels. When the sharks were entered in the tank about a month ago, they're all gone," Valentine said.

As we know from pro-Saddam liberals, if the fish aren't in the tank now, they probably were never there.

He also has four children. I hope he doesn't encourage them to go swimming.


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