Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another Hero Living For His Country

Mike Pottinger is a Wall Street Journal reporter in China. Make that was. He is a Marine in training.

Pottinger says that living up close and personal under an authoritarian government made him value freedom all the more. He remembers once interviewing Chinese workers who were protesting official corruption only to be approached by a government thug — at a Starbucks in Beijing, no less — who punched him and said: “You will get f- - -ing out of the country. Right now.” Matt, however, defied the warning and remained in China and continued trying to report the truth despite official intimidation.

While Matt Pottinger is following his father’s example of public service, the story of a young man interrupting his climb up the ladder of his career to serve us all by putting his life at risk for no financial reward is inspiring and worth sharing in this column.

We all could use a dose of his idealism from time to time. We could all use the courage to start again at the beginning and pursue our dreams, as Matt Pottinger is doing.

Dick Morris tells the story. Go read it.


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