Saturday, September 10, 2005

Greatest Hits -- My Last Air Travel West

Since I flew west to Seattle this morning, it reminded me that I flew out west last year. Comparing Seattle and Salt Lake City, Utah is like comparing a dinner party and Federalist Society social. Here is what I blogged then, though I posted it at The Ebb & Flow Institute:

While Pile On was struggling with the pestilence, I am sure many of you were wondering why KJ was not picking up the blogging and commenting slack. It is a fair question. I have been quite busy lately, even with my new brain's help. On Tuesday, I flew Delta to Salt Lake City, Utah. This was a surprisingly little city. It had a beautiful horizon on all sides. Mountains galore.

I had heard that a strange cult controlled much of the culture in the area. I saw several signs of this. First, there was a strange propensity to friendliness that surpassed even the generally superior culture and friendliness of the southeastern United States. Even though the people I was running into were largely in the service industry, they were extremely friendly even for that crowd. They all acted like the Aunt that wants to feed you right after you ate at Grandma's.

Second, I was forced to part with personal financial funds ($2) to join some private club for 90 days before a restaurant would serve me a fine Kentucky bourbon. This strange, certainly anti-Christian behavior made my spine shiver. Of course, I wanted the bourbon, so pray that I do not die in the next 90 days while my soul belongs to this strange cult :-).

You are probably wondering if I saw some of the sites, like the great skiing mountains, the Mormon Tabernacle choir, the Mormon Temple, or the University of Utah Utes Football stadium. Well, yes, I did drive past the football stadium 6 times in 3 days as it was between my sleeping hotel and my deposition taking hotel. Other than that, I didn't see much except the airport and the top of the moutains in the distance.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger tee bee said...

Too bad - you could have driven around the city to the west, which would have afforded you a view of the Mormon Temple and the salt flats, which are pretty neat. There's also a fun little roadside cafe on the highway out there, just as you come in from the desert. I think I got an avacado burger there. Yum.


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