Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Thank You On A Judicial Abuse Story

I recently mentioned in a post called Judicial Abuse the story of a journalist that had allegedly been jailed and denied certain basic rights because a judge felt "threatened" by a blogger critical of the Judge.

I and 7 other bloggers recently received this e-mail, I thought I would share it with you.


I just wanted to send a thank you email to all of you for blogging on our story. (Judicial Tyranny story from June Maxam)

I was released from jail in the beginning of August - and our story is getting hotter by the minute. I've composed a chronology of our story (because it's very hard to follow) that can be viewed at the following link:

According to my trusty statcounter, the above link was just examined by the US Department of Justice - so that's pretty exciting!

I believe the local media is ignorning this story because we provide undeniable truth that the highly publicized pay to play scheme in place in Ohio...

...was exposed by my partner Elsebeth Baumgartner in June of 2001.

This is absolutely a national news story that is awaiting someone on the national scene to notice it. THIS IS A STORY OF A WHISTLEBLOWER BEING IGNORED AND ABUSED - STRIPPED OF HER LICENSES TO PRACTICE PHARMACY AND LAW - AND THEN BEING VINDICATED 3 YEARS LATER. We only need to use the blogosphere to get the story out!

We have to blow this up - and I appreciate any emails, blog articles, and links you can provide.

Thanks in advance!

Bryan DuBois
Editor, Erie Voices


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