Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The G8 Focuses On Lindsay Lohan

An online petition has started to put the focus on hunger. In particular, former hottie Lindsay Lohan is wasting away, and one group is hoping to put a stop to it.

At Feed Lindsay, you can review her decline. You can sign a petition.

In response to the hunger problem, Bob Geldolf has planned a several concerts to raise awareness for Ms. Lohen's hunger problem. He expects acts such as the Black Crowes and Rolling Stones, each of which could use a meal of their own, to play.

Other celbrities are expected to make an appearance in support of Lindsay, including Calista Flockhart and Laura Flynn Boyle.

Ms. Flockhart said, "Every day in Hollywood, there are 30,000 hot women who turn away a perfectly good, healthy meal. After a while, they start to get freaky skinny, and only the most expensive eating disorder doctors can help. This takes away from their party and drug money, and sometimes causes them to have to sell their fourth home. For the price of a 6" sub from Subway, we could end this tragedy."

Please, won't you help help feed a formerly hot, now starving celebrity?

With your help, we can put an end to the hunger and starvation plaguing Hollywood, one starlet at a time.

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