Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another WOT Question -- Cause and Effect

So, I'm thinking about the advice my liberal friends offer me about terrorism. "Terrorists get their money from oil rich countries," they say. "Our war against Iraq has increased terrorism, and we are just there for oil," they blather. "We rely too much on oil," they wax philosophic. "We consume too many resources," they surmise from the air conditioned, electricity rich coffee shop. "We need more rapid transit, KJ. You should quit driving that SUV and take the train to work. And please quit driving over my hybrid!" they scream.

Then I consider the last three major terrorist attacks outside of Iraq. One in Spain that attacked mass transit trains. Two in London that attacked mass transit trains and buses.

So I ask:

1. Do the liberals encourage us to take mass transit so that we are more easily targets for the terrorists?


2. Do the terrorists attack mass transit so we will be scared to take the train, and instead drive to work, so that oil rich countries can fund more terrorism?


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