Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another Heartfelt Apology

Ever had your brother tell you he was sorry? At the order of Momma? You know he meant it, don't you. This isn't much different.
Under orders from an international court, Guatemala apologized Monday for the government-directed massacre of 226 people in a highland village during the nation's bloody civil war.
Makes you proud to be a Guatemalan.
The government was ordered to apologize by the Inter-American Human Rights Court, which also decreed that the state pay survivors and relatives $7.9 million in damages in a ruling last fall.
The what court? Can someone tell me what the helk that is?

Stein said he insisted the ceremony take place in Plan de Sanchez and called the court ruling historic.

"The people want moments that commemorate their victims," he said. "But, more than anything, they don't want what happened to keep being denied officially."

I don't know about you, but I have had it with government apologies many years after the fact by people who had nothing to do with the crimes. Besides, if Guatamala's government meant it, why did a court have to order it?


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