Friday, June 17, 2005

Creativity and Thinking Outside The Box? Racist.

Why do all the creative politicians take such heat?
A county commissioner in Central Florida has offered a controversial proposal of sending the area's worst sex offenders out of the United States to Mexico.
But they might molest Mexican babies, who will then come here illegally to molest American babies, you say? Oh, no. He isn't proposing they be "free" in Mexico.

"The American prison system is not a deterrent to these serious crimes," Harris said. Harris said the answer is more severe punishment, Local 6 News reported.

He said the United States could strike a deal with Mexico and send the worst offenders to harsher Mexican prisons where it is more economical to house them, Local 6 News reported.

"We can pay under a contractual agreement the cost in Mexico and again I'm sure it would be a huge savings to the American taxpayer," Harris said.

This is good idea. Remove the sex offenders, save money. Ah, but it is politically a tough sale. It involves outsourcing. A concerned citizen has another idea to keep the local economy from suffering from this outsourcing plan.
An unidentified woman told Local 6 News that she welcomes sex offenders into her mobile home park. "These people have to live, they have to live somewhere, whether it is here, I'll take them all," the woman said.
Well, I would quible that sex offenders have to live. We could just kill them. But I'll give it to her, that was spoken like a true Michael Jackson fan.


At 5:28 AM, Blogger Jehane said...

I can just hear the shreiking now... renditioning, or rendering, or whatever the heck they're calling it this week.


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