Monday, June 20, 2005

Blog Roll

I have been tinkering some with the blog roll and thought I would point it out. Some of these additions are older, but still worth mentioning.

Pile On In Aught Ocho is a site dedicated to the possible 2008 Presidential run of Pile On, the Chair of the John Locke Chair at the Ebb & Flow Insititute. As you can see, it is still very early, and they are careful not to peak too soon.

Unrepentant Individual is a neo-libertarian blog run by Brad and his gang of free radicals. Brad likes to pose interesting questions and watch it fly. Then, I tend to piss off his readers. Brad is also a visitor and commentor here.

Rightwingsparkle offers a more traditional social-con view of the world than I, though we agree more than not. She has a large group of readers, including a few wingnuts from the other side of the aisle. Good discussion threads.

Freakonomics is a blog by Steven Levitt (an still young economist at U. of Chicago) and Stephen Dubner (a journalist), the authors of the book of the same name. I read the book last week (it is a quick read) and enjoyed it thoroughly. The book and the blog complement each other. There is no unifying theme. Essentially, ask neat questions, try to remove the "moral judgments" and crunch the numbers. You get some interesting results. For example, why did crime all but disappear in the 1990's? Two things Levitt says: more police and Roe v. Wade.

Pulpit Pounder gives us a former attorney turned preachers' view of the world. Makrothumeo co-blogs other places, and he visits here and comments on occassion.

A Guide To Midwestern Culture offers us the musings of, tee bee, a Wisconsin bee keeper and literature enthusiast. A cherished visitor as well.

Finally, three neo-libertarian blogs I have been visiting are Scrivener, Q and O Blog and Neo-libertarian blog. The latter two are, I believe, related.

Of course, don't forget my long standing A-list circle of buds, including Villainous Company, Ebb & Flow Institute, Heigh-Ho, BlameBush and Scrappleface. [By "buds" I mean that I like the site and have known of the author or the site for a while. It does not imply any feeling of mutuality.] This is not meant to be limiting. If I put it on my blog roll, I think it is good reading.


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