Monday, May 30, 2005

Spying On Your Kids

People complaint that with technology, big brother is watching. As to government, that is a concern. But, the great thing about technology is that it is getting much cheaper to spy on your kids, and that is all right by me.

By the time KJita is in high school, I anticipate being able to purchase GPS systems for little money. KJita will have one in her shoes, purses, cell phone (or whatever they are called then), wallet and the buttons on her clothes. I will have an audio bug in her purse and video capability in her car, which will also have black box recording her driving habits.

Of course, sometimes, old school technology is best.

Anyway, the parenting revolution has begun. In Georgia, parents are now able to watch their children's food purchasing at school.

UPDATE: Check out this product. Panties that give you location, heart rate and temperature. If they come off, the heart rate and temperature readings obviously stop. But you still know where they are!


At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Joatmoaf said...

They will call them "Communication devices". Just flip open the front, listen for the squeeks and talk.
Just like Star Trek, but the Kirk Star Treks not the Picard ones.
Picard was kind of Lame. I NEVER saw him so much as kiss a girl. How week is that?

Kirk, on the other hand, broke the Prime Directive, got into a fight, and got the girl every time.


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