Saturday, August 27, 2005

How Did Atlanta Miss This One?

Atlanta is competing with several cities right now for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. This is believed to be a potentially huge tourist attraction. The reasoning goes that NASCAR has a huge following as reflected by the attendence at the races and the marketing money it brings in. Plus, as Atlanta hosts two Nestle Cup races and some Bush races each year, the likelihood of large attendance weekends is all but guaranteed. Then of course, there is the Southern thing. This is a southern sport after all, despite its now national prominence.

I guess some city leaders will believe anything.

What I want to know is how we missed cashing in on the Mascot Hall of Fame which opened this week in Philadelphia.

Among the inaugural inductees: Phoenix Suns Gorilla, the Philadelphia Phillies Phanatic and The Famous San Diego Chicken.

This is a Hall of Fame guaranteed to bring in the geek and animal lovers alike.

Philadelphia already has the Liberty Bell, an overrated black quarterback, and fans that throw batteries at sports players and boo Mike Schmidt. Some cities have all the cool stuff.


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