Friday, November 18, 2005

"A Time To Run" Contest

Have you ever wished you could be a United States Senator? Whine and dine in tony Georgetown eateries, filibuster dangerously extremist nominees who, if confirmed, would turn the clock back on 30 years of important civil rights victories for women and minorities? Sponsor bills to abandon our allies in Iraq when the political wind shifts?

Well, most of us will never get that chance, my friends. But we just might get the chance to be world-famous authors like Barbara Boxer, who sounds like she's been spending a tad too much time on How about a little Friday contest? I'm sure some of us can improve on the likes of these immortal lines:

That was a defining moment, when Ellen knew how she'd spend the rest of her life — that she'd been put here on earth to save its endangered children.

"She's out pounding the pavement doing good works while you just hang out at home dissing the President."

Town Hall for Kids was a project close to her heart, a planned forum in which young people might meet both with her and with selected public officials to discuss, in safe and neutral surroundings, not just the street problems confronting them every day, such as drugs, gangs, and the proliferation of guns, but ideas on how to make their town a better place to live. "Talk to us!" she'd urge. "Work with us and get involved. Let's find solutions together!"

Greg's naked body was long and elegant, his embrace enveloped her utterly, and they meshed with ease and grace. He smelled good too, faintly and astringently of aftershave. He was clinging to her as if he'd never let her go, it was all so easy and right.

The bed was huge and soft with a blue and white comforter. He didn't notice Jane taking her clothes off but suddenly she was naked: long legged, lithe, and bronzed. The sheets were cool, her body warm, her limbs strong and supple, and they meshed with his just as he remembered. "Oh Greg, dearheart," she whispered in his ear, "I've missed you so. Welcome home."

Her skirt was very short, and Josh found himself mesmerized by her perfectly shaped, silken legs with kneecaps that reminded him of golden apples — he couldn't remember having been captivated by knees before — and her lustrous thighs. He tore his eyes away from Bianca's legs with the utmost difficulty

Go ahead. I dare you. Give it your best shot in the comments section. The coveted stuffed marmoset goes out to the winner.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Eric Blair said...

I am laughing too hard right now too type, almost.

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous hubris said...

"I'm not sure if--" Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his nude form pad lithely across the room, his vestigial sixth toes lending him an almost-feline grace as they pressed into the deep pile of her townhouse's rich burgundy carpet.

His head fell between her legs and she gasped. For a moment, he appeared like a lobbyist seeking for a supermajority, praying to gods whose names she did not know.

"Stare decisis, stare decisis" he murmured urgently over and over again, and the explosive silibant sound traveled across her hooded peak in a way that drove her wild.

The scent of talcom powder and the lingering odor of the scrambled eggs they had shared permeated the room, intoxicating her in a way that mere wine never had...

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Oh my God. I am humbled. My brain is so numb from work and lack of sleep.

I'm trying.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous hubris said...

Oops, I was in a rush and now see that I failed miserably as my own editor ("seeking for," etc.). It's going to need some polishing before it's ready to be picked up by Random House.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

As Chad deftly unhooked her WonderBra and traced his fingers lightly over her taut skin, Tiffany’s mind wandered back to this afternoon’s rewarding encounter at the Malcolm Shabazz Center where she was earning a half-credit in Sociology as a positive role model for disadvantaged inner-city youth.

“Mmmmm….” Her breath caught as he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Working with People of Color was so rewarding, she thought, as the tension slowly built inside her, mounting and mounting until it was unbearable ….

Almost as unbearable as the snide comments of that other intern, Beth – that little neocon. How dare she make fun of affirmative action!

Chad's movements became more urgent, more insistent, and she felt her head moving from side to side almost involuntarily as she called out his name over, and over, and over again and it wasn't until the final, shuddering moment that she found herself, quite inexplicably, thinking of horses.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Actually I'm so tired I read right past that. I guess I knew what you meant.

Blogger won't let you edit comments, unfortunately. I still haven't gotten used to that - it really bites.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger spd rdr said...

He glided gracefully across the marbled rotunda, the sound of his firm step echoing like ricochets off the corners of the rounded room, and a string of reporters trailing in his wake like the tail of a kite she remembered her father once flying on a family trip to Crescent City. He looked too young to be the most powerful man on the Senate finance committee, but he wasn’t. She knew that she only had a few short moments as he passed through into the committee room, and as he approached she began to feel butterflies in the pit of her stomach. A stab of panic suddenly gripped her. “What if he doesn’t remember?” she thought. “What if it was all a dream.” Too late. He walked straight up to the committee room door, grabbing the large sculpted brass handled gingerly in his strong tanned hands, he turned and spoke to her, smiling. “Tonight at six, right?” he said, his voice going up just a little bit at the end, as if he was asking a question. She paused, and then she heard her self blurt words out, but it sounded like they came form a million miles away. “Yes. Tonight at six. Caucus room eleven. Thanks, I really need your support on this bill.” He grinned that grin that made him the poster boy of every brokenhearted teenage liberal in America. “I’ll be there” he said. And then he was gone

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Walking down the steps of the Capitol Building, Bianca suddenly realized she felt as empty as a campaign promise.

At 6:52 PM, Blogger spd rdr said...

Breathing silently, so as to not unleased her unbridaled spirit, she slowly took in the awe and majesty that was the media center of the Iowa caucus.

At 10:56 PM, Blogger camojack said...

Gazing with rapt fascination at her luscious melons, he contemplated how reminiscent they were of...luscious melons.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Cassandra said...

I can see I have my work cut out for me. I'm glad I didn't have my coffee yet :)

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

Are you writing another torrid Washington Tale of Tantalizing Promises, Teaser Campaigns and Nuanced Innuendo, building to that final moment of Voter Frenzy?

Because iffen y'all are, I am popping the corn and making the lemonade as we speak.

*settling in comfortably*

Okay. Bring it on.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Well I hadn't really intended that, but we *could* do that. KJ's trial, I think, got extended. I can't open my gmail account so I need to get on the spousal unit's PC. I can keep moving this to the top if anyone else is game but I can't do it alone. If we do, someone should rope MathMom into playing too.

At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Cricket said...

Oh Goody.

*claps hands*

I will have mine ready by tomorrow.
Have been writing things of my own
and actually doing some honest to goodness cooking in anticipation of the Day of Thanks.

Sadly, the apple pie didn't last the night. The Engineer found some vanilla bean ice cream in Big Bertha (that's what we call the chest is a long story but we name our tools)that went really well with it and the Chylde Labor Units polished it off for brekkies.

At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Cricket said...

And now, it is tomorrow.
She caught her breath as he walked toward her, his naked lust all too obvious.

He grinned at her widened eyes and
sudden timidity.

He stood next to her and whispered those words that made her melt:
"I love your apple pie."


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