Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Signs Of The Apocalypse?

I admit it. I'm stumped.

Ever since that phony bastard Mohammed ElBaradei squeaked by him for the Nobel Peace Prize, my man Bono seems to be a bit off his feed. As Gawker recently noted, even his trademark peace sign seems half-a**ed.

First he's seen hob-nobbing with The Shrub - what's up with that?

Bono has criticized President Bush when he thought the president was not doing enough. But he also gives Dubya credit for the administration's large increases in foreign aid -- which many other leftists don't want to do. In fact, Bono told The Chronicle, "I think I'm a pretty good judge of character" and as for President Bush, with whom he recently had lunch at the White House, "I really believe he has this (helping and healing Africa's poor) in his mind and heart."

Bono noted that because of a Bush push, 250,000 Africans are using the antiretroviral drugs now, when zero Africans were using them a year before. "It is an amazing thing he's pulled off. Three years ago, people would laugh openly, in your face, at the idea that we could work with the (Bush) administration on this stuff."

Overall, the Bush administration has trebled American aid for Africa. That's big.

Then he starts going easy on the snake-handlers:

What do you think of the evangelical movement that we see in the United States now?

I'm wary of faith outside of actions. I'm wary of religiosity that ignores the wider world. In 2001, only seven percent of evangelicals polled felt it incumbent upon themselves to respond to the AIDS emergency. This appalled me. I asked for meetings with as many church leaders as would have them with me. I used my background in the Scriptures to speak to them about the so-called leprosy of our age and how I felt Christ would respond to it. And they had better get to it quickly, or they would be very much on the other side of what God was doing in the world.

Amazingly, they did respond. I couldn't believe it. It almost ruined it for me -- 'cause I love giving out about the church and Christianity. But they actually came through: Jesse Helms, you know, publicly repents for the way he thinks about AIDS.

I've started to see this community as a real resource in America. I have described them as "narrow-minded idealists." If you can widen the aperture of that idealism, these people want to change the world. They want their lives to have meaning. And it's one of the things that the Democratic Party has missed out on. You know, so much of the moral high ground in the past was Democratic: FDR, RFK, Cesar Chavez. Now I suppose it's Hillary's passion for cheaper medical care. And Teddy Kennedy, of course.

Well of course.

I was at a complete loss to explain Bono's inexplicable change of heart, until I happened across this story. It would seem that Bono has gone over to the Dark Side. No more will he be keepin' it real for those of us who wander the soul-less boulevards of broken dreams, pondering the essential hopelessness of life in a full-employment economy controlled by Republicans. But there is still one dark ray of despondency to be found for those who long for the bliss of existential anomie:


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Rodrigo said...

you are the classic closeminded american asshole that believes every little fragment of shit that the higher spheres want you to.
Bush don't care about africa, is an aristocrat. is not aware of the problems of anyone but the ones in his social sphere... this is a sociological fact. Weber, Elias and maybe Luhmann may agree with me.
and all of them may agree with me also in this:
USA is a country with a mass society whose vision is economic in the most part... almost everything for american people works in terms of cost-benefit. and this is clearly the place to look Bush's moves... he has friend in the middle east, he is doing them a favor, Bush family and american friends are making a lot of profit out of his war, and obviously, thanks to this he has almost the entire country convinced that he is capable of doing something.
american mass society is an insult for the intelligence... for any kind of intelligence.

for any misspell im sorry... this is not my tongue.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

More like your a*... whoah, there, tee!

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah - I really like the edgy 'Nam Bono best. He's more hot angry middle-aged man than fat, tired middle-aged man. And how come Stipe still manages to look like the high school dweeb you canned every afternoon before sixth period?

Oh yeah, Bush sucks! Americans are emperialist jerks! Fruit of the Loom is made by malnourished slave babies in some Cambodian sweat shop! Stop the Hypocrisy! Stop the Madness! Get America out of Earth now!!!!!!

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

More to the point, who gives a flying Wallenda whether the Shrub actually cares about starving African babies with AIDS if he's giving them more money than anyone has before?

Ummm... guess that point was lost on Rodrigo. It's better to wipe away a big sloppy tear like Clinton and keep your wallet safely in your trousers.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

Maybe we're being too harsh on rodrigo - he obviously gave that a lot of thought after drinking much kool aid and visiting Kos a few too many times. For example, he shares his sensitive side on his website. My favorite pic of rodrigo is definitely the one snortin' that line. Clears your head and you can think, like, so fast!

At 5:26 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

Did you mention Clinton's trousers?

At 5:37 PM, Blogger spd rdr said...

No, that's not your tongue, Rodrigo. But I am too polite to tell you what part of your anatomy you are speaking from.

Your unfamiliarity with the English language does not excuse your complete and utter ignorance in matters concerning what you so carelesslessly term "mass society." Your empty attack on western economic values reveals you to be not only socially impotent, but also a Class-A moron in any language.

A "cost-benefit" analysis occurs every time a human being freely chooses between one thing and another. Duh. It is not some American disease developed to infect the wretchedly oppressed classes of the third world. It is what humans do, and what makes us different from the animals that we eat.

Clearly, the suicide bombers of Islamic faith underwentsuch an analysis just prior to bombing and slaughtering a Jordanian wedding party: "72 virgins in heaven v. my wife and children."
You make your own judgment, Rodrigo. I've made mine. Duh.

Use your freakin' head for something other than a haircut.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Yikes. You and tee bee make a lethal team, mr rdr. I think I'm just going to slink back to my research...

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

That's okay about your tongue Roderigo.
Not everyone will admit to using someone else's. For that you should be commended.

I might also add that your 'tongue' is in a wet place and is prone to slip on occasion, like this one.

First of all, Africa has endured years of meddling by the UN under Democratic Congresses and presidents. What is going on in Africa is not Bush's fault nor his problem.

I for one, as a US citizen am sick to death of our people running off to some little known dark hole of the world to help with some global social work.
Does that mean I don't care? No, it means that if the governments of these benighted places are so asinine as to allow these things to happen, I fail to see how it is the US' problem.

Next, Al Qaeda made a serious mistake in bombing a wedding in Jordan. While Jordan has not been terrible supportive in the GWOT, they at least realize that terrorism is not the way to resolve issues.

Al Zarqawi made a bad decision and it will cost him dearly. About time too.
I can see extremism imploding because at some point, the extremists are going to wake up and find they have only two suicide bombers left.

At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

Oh, and Cass, I surrender to the machismo of macho. I hearby nominate our Bono to be the next Brawny Man.

At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

He'll clean up all those messes in Africa.

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Cassandra said...

Good God. I watched "Thinking of You" yesterday after I put the link up on The Cotillion board and almost laughed myself silly.

Can you imagine Bono... no. I won't go there. I'll be ill.

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

I have a bucket and a mop.


Or is it the strength of the strong, or the brawn of the brawny? I get so confused...

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Cricket said...

Oh my Gaia! He had trouble with the eyes.

I watched "That Thing You're Going Through" and nearly choked on my popcorn.
"the old in/out."


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