Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Good News From Katrina Victims

More fine use of our tax payer money.

The three guys washed up at an extended-stay hotel in Norcross, part of the wave of Hurricane Katrina evacuees who flooded temporary housing facilities across metro Atlanta earlier this year.

But instead of using Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency aid to buy furniture, groceries or the incidentals you need after fleeing a hurricane, police said, the trio had a high old time buying and selling crack.

I'm shocked. Really, just shocked.

Police were happy to put them behind bars, said Officer Darren Moloney, a spokesman for Gwinnett police. "What is unique about these three is that they all seemed to be on the same page," he said. "They thought the government owed it [cash] to them. They were all quite boastful about it."

Officials at the Red Cross and FEMA, which have distributed millions to help storm victims, were appalled, but unapologetic. Most aid recipients, they said, have used the donations properly.
"We can't control how people spend their assistance money," said FEMA spokeswoman Susie Webb, who works at the agency's regional offices in Atlanta.

Once again, let me say, that I do not bring a story like this to your attention to convince you to not give. I do it to point out that giving and aid can be done wisely or unwisely. Without a doubt, simply handing out taxpayer money to people who have made bad decisions their whole life is not going to change anything.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Cricket said...

No, but throwing them in jail for breaking the law will.


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