Friday, September 02, 2005

Quote of the Year

When I posted about Peggy Noonan's excellent column, I hadn't yet read Combs Spouts Off's post named The Law West of Canal Street. This is my new multi-topic favorite.

He offers a nice round up of opinion, Lamestream Media News and Blogger comments.

Two great stories Combs quotes:

John Carolan was sitting on his porch in the thick, humid darkness just before midnight Tuesday when three or four young men, one with a knife and another with a machete, stopped in front of his fence and pointed to the generator humming in the front yard, he said.
One said, "We want that generator," he recalled.
"I fired a couple of rounds over their heads with a .357 Magnum," Mr. Carolan recounted Wednesday. "They scattered."
He smiled and added, "You've heard of law west of the Pecos. This is law west of Canal Street."

He then nominates Glenn Reynolds for quote of the year:

If you've got a week's supplies, and a gun, you'll usually do okay after a disaster.

How true.

TF Stern, a retired police officer, also has an excellent comment with this post about our duty to care for ourselves.


At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Richard G. Combs said...

Thanks for the kindness, KJ!

Now I'll have to go read Peggy Noonan's column. :-)

At 12:43 PM, Blogger tee bee said...

I posted the Carolan quote at Vinnie's, from the NYT (which I got via Mona Charen's column), and noted that the National Guard might be able to do more practical work if we weren't so gun-phobic. I'm jealous that I didn't cull Instapundit's quote - perfect.


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