Monday, February 07, 2005

My Contributions to The Ebb & Flow Institute

If I had decided to start my own Blog earlier, I would have likely produced these works and put them here. I only started this type of work, however, because Pile On asked my to help at The Ebb & Flow Institute. So with my focus being his Blog, I will link my work there - here.

Even The Man Was Shocked;

Evening Round Up;

This Week With KJ;

Finally, A Good Oscar Year For Crips and Gender-Benders (Next Year The Tards Will Return);

Scandal In The Legal Community? No way!;

So Busy -- Need New Brain;

Monday's Feelings II;

Monday's Feelings;

The Real Super Bowl Issue;

Super Bowl - Live Blog;

Happy Century Ayn Rand;

Tuesday's Feelings;

Sunday's Feelings;

Smoking Employees;

News Ebbs and Flows;

Romantic? Pathetic? You Decide;

The Perfect Trial;

Naked News Stories;

Oscar's Phone Does Not Dial 911;

Cruel and Unusually Vacant;

More Oppresive Action From An Out Of Control Attorney General.


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You've been busy over here...


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