Friday, January 28, 2005

Full Disclosure -- I'm Not On The Bush Payroll . . . Yet

Given the recent scandals over the Bush administration's payments to op-ed writers, I am told that the new journalistic ethic is to publicly disclose all sources of payment and biases. Well, this Blog is going to be only my unpaid opinion. I will gladly take money to express someone else's opinion, if you like. Also, I might not tell you my real opinion, because I'm hiding it, trying to be funny, playing devil's advocate, or just afraid to let on what I'm really thinking.

In the real world, I don't get paid for my own opinions either -- I'm paid to express the opinions and legal positions of my clients. So now that I think about it, if I were you, I would not really believe anything I say here anyhow.

As for my other biases --

I live in Georgia.

I work in Atlanta.

My teams are the University of Kentucky Wildcats (naturally I live for basketball season), Atlanta Braves, and the Atlanta Falcons.

My musical tastes are very wide. My favorite genre is blues. My favorite living artist in this genre is Jonny Lang. One of my favorite unheard of artists, not blues, or any other genre that I can pinpoint, is James McMurtry.

I love debating politics, which I do often at my favorite blogs, watching and playing sports, and drinking Scotch and Kentucky Bourbon.

If you read more, you may learn more about me. More likely, however, you will get bored and just quit reading.


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