Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Government Cheese Disclaimer

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Some will notice that I have a disclaimer on the side bar now. That is the abbreviated version. This post will serve as the complete disclaimer. Such things are important in our litigious society, after all. Plus, more people know about this blog, particularly in light of the CBWSTGJR.

This blog is the property of KJ. That means KJ's original works belong to KJ. All original work here is copyrighted by KJ. No file sharing. No downloading of my music. No pirating of my movies.

Some parts of this blog is serious. Not all of it though. Some of the posts here are intended to be satirical. Some are intended simply to be funny (a/k/a humorous). If I fail in that regard, my bad.

Some of the posts are serious but not delivered blandly. For example, I may use intentional hyperbole, understatement or simply make something up to make a bigger point. Also, I don't always intend for my purpose to be obvious. Stated another way, I don't always want you to know which is which.

Sometimes, I don't intend the literal meaning of what I say. That is usually intentional, but not always. If I misstate my intentions, and it is brought to my attention, I will correct or clarify and, if appropriate, apologize.

I don't spend a ton of time at this. I don't have editors. I type my thoughts as quickly as possible and move on. Also, I don't spell very well. What I'm saying is, let the type-os go. You know what I meant.

Sometimes, I speak in generalizations and stereotypes. When I do this, I know that there may be exceptions to every generalization. Stereotypes and generalizations, however, weren't typically created out of whole cloth. There is a reason they exist. If you don't like my generalization, challenge it on the merits. E.g., if I say the Left in this country hates America, hates God and wants us to lose the war on terror, respond with something like "the Left doesn't hate America; without it, what would they protest against." Do not, however, expect much response to a list of anecdotal exceptions. E.g., don't respond with "Well, my Uncle is a Lefty, and he once said the pledge of without taking out the words "under God."

This website includes opinion, and sometimes strongly held opinion. If you find that uncomfortable, you probably should not be reading this or any other blog.

I strive to state facts accurately. If I mistate a fact, please let me know. If I am verifiably incorrect, I will correct it. I reserve the right, however, to speculate about accusations and theories in the news, just like every other talking head on the news shows.

If you are offended by something I said here, chances are I don't care. I think we live in a society that embraces "offense," and you are probably a member of the cult of victimization. Get a thicker skin.

If my comment is not personally aimed at you, my goal certainly was not to offend. Get over it, and comment on the merits of my comment if you like. If I cross the line, however, and you point it out or I later realize it, I will correct that and apologize. This has happened once. Once!

I encourage comments and vigorous debate. Please, let's go at it if you are so inclined.

I do not moderate the comments much at all. I usually don't have to. I will, however, delete anything I view inappropriate. I don't claim this to be a G rated"family" blog. In other words, I don't want to hear about how uncomfortable you were that your kid saw something while you stopped by. The Cheese most certainly is not, however, an NC-17 blog. Personal attacks on me or other commenters, or foul language, that isn't at least artistic or funny, that I consider over the line may be deleted at my discretion. I will protect from attack my regular readers. I don't know where the line is, but I will find it from time to time. Thus far, that has happened one time (not counting spam).

Feel free to e-mail me comments as well. If you do so, I reserve the right to use them, post them, forward them or comment on them. If you send me a topic or site that I did not otherwise know about, and I use it, I will credit you unless asked not to.

This blog is intended to speak for KJ only. The views expressed here are KJ's alone, if they are even KJ's views at all (see above).

The views expressed are not those of KJ's employer, family, dogs, community or even country. If you have a problem with something here, address it to me.

There, that should clear up everything.


At 10:01 PM, Blogger a former european said...

Que? No habla inglais.

At 5:07 AM, Blogger Cassandra said...

OK, what did I miss?

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Jane Bellwether/Tamara R Bower said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for some 'splaining. I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary, but then maybe my standards are none too stringent. Is that snickerdoodle threatening to sue you?

I was thinking of borrowing this disclaimer, then I thought about the "no downloads" policy. Does this mean I have to pay some kind of royalty for all the cartoon downloads I got? 'Cause I could just give them back, if that works. ;-)


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