Friday, July 01, 2005

This Is About As Gross As I Can Handle

Since I just discussed urinals, let's discuss toilets.

Lots of stories have a gross out factor. Few can turn your stomach like someone who intentionally puts himself in the gross situation. This one is tough to top.

ALBANY, N.H. -- A man is facing charges after police said they pulled him from a tank under a women's toilet that was filled with human waste.

"You can draw your own conclusions as to the conditions we encountered," said Capt. John Hebert, of the Carroll County Sheriff's Department.

Police said that they got a call from the parents of a teenage girl who said that when she went to use the facilities, she saw Moody's face staring back at her from the hole.

Moody was hosed off before police cuffed him. "It's a very filthy environment, and before we put anybody in contact with him, we had to decontaminate him," Hebert said. "We treated him as if he were hazardous material."

This appears to be a desperate act of "peeping" (or is it pee-peeping?) to me.

Police said they don't know how long Moody was in the tank, but they said the door to it was locked, which means he must have gone in through the toilet. They said they don't know why he was there.
They don't? Do you?


At 11:12 PM, Blogger Pile OnĀ® said...

I read this yesterday and thought I would come up with something clever to say about it.

I haven't, but if I do, I will come back.


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