Friday, July 08, 2005

The Stupid Shall Be All We Have Left

Several people were reported injured by bullets falling to the ground over the Forth of July weekend, apparently fired into the air by idiots too cheap to buy fireworks.

If only these Americans had been listening to the Islamic cleric's Fatwah issued on June 29, 2005:
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon' top Shi'ite Muslim cleric issued a fatwa
edict Wednesday banning shooting in the air after three people were killed by
gunfire celebrating the re-election of the Shi'ite parliament speaker.

Shooting in the air and setting off fireworks among people or on the streets, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah said, "is forbidden because of its major negative consequences and because it is intimidating and annoying."

Victims fell because of these practices that reflect weak religious, national and political commitment and a retarded mentality in dealing with special occasions, whether of joy or sadness," Fadlallah said in a statement.

Stray bullets killed three people across Lebanon, including a young girl, security forces said in a statement.
Later in the speech, Fadlallah explained that using explosions strapped to the bodies of young believers to blow up the infidels and their collaborators is still OK.


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