Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mobs Split -- Move Republican

Mob organizations have been waning ever since Kennedy was President. One of the last major influences that the mob had was in labor unions. Now, the largest (AFL-CIO) is suffering from losing up to one third of its membership, and it appears the major reason is that it is spending too much money on politicians, especially Democrats. Mob leader child James Hoffa explains:

He predicted to CNN that seven other international unions would soon bolt from the AFL-CIO and join the Teamsters. "It is not done lightly. We have extended a number of propositions and ideas to the AFL-CIO to make sure that we could change the tide of the AFL-CIO.

"We have been disappointed over the last 10 years that we have seen a decline in membership," he said, referring to Sweeney's decade-long tenure as president.

Though the union suggested "a number of changes," including a $5 million rebate to help the Teamsters reorganize in their core industries, "they said no," Hoffa said. "Their idea is to keep throwing money at politicians."

He added, "What was being done at the AFL-CIO is not working; we are going to do something new. That is our message." Among the new things the Teamsters will try, Hoffa said, will be becoming "more bipartisan. ... We're not going to be afraid to back a Republican."

Thank goodness. The mob has been ignoring Republicans for way too long, and if there is anything that party needs, it is another big government influence.


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