Friday, May 12, 2006


tee bee

Kofi presses Bush to get involved for a change, saying Iran won't show its hand until the cowboy antes up. If the UK, France and Germany are calling the stakes, and it's known that Dubya backs the British and the French proposal of "a resolution under Chapter 7 of the United Nations charter ... invok[ing] economic sanctions or military force...", then what's to be gained by putting this on Condi's dance card?

Would the jury have convicted the priest if KJ'd managed the defense? Doubtful. As one of KJ's trusty research assistants (pro bono), I'd have gone after the letter opener and its makers to demonstrate the availability of similar tools, etc. Then we'd have attacked the "satanic" angle, providing other suspects. That's just for starters.

Pr0n domain tres-equis proposal dumped by ICANN - libertarian victory? " 'It increasingly raised the question of [whether] ICANN was itself now going to be expected to be the enforcer of every jurisdiction’s view of content,' [ICANN Chair Paul Twomey] said... 'Their concern was that people would be forced into that [domain] and it would be a mechanism for censorship,' said Mr Twomey."


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MONOXIDE Thumbs a Ride: Drowsy while driving? Make sure carbon monoxide isn't poisoning you at the wheel. A checkup may save a life. Carbon monoxide is a hitchhiker. We all know that this odorless gas, generated by an automobile at the rate of about a cubic foot a minute, will quickly turn a closed garage into a death chamber, but we apt to overlook the fact that it rides along each time we drive out on the highway. Its handiwork shows up in traffic accident news more frequently than most persons realize. The police report may say that the driver 'apparently fell asleep,' or perhaps a big question mark appears in the space where the cause of the accident should have been recorded, since no one remains alive to tell about it. Some of these accidents, it is true, result from lack of sleep or just plain weariness after long hours of driving, but there seems to be no doubt that a good percentage occur when carbon monoxide, stealing a ride in the car, dulls the senses of the driver.

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That's why my blog doesn't give rides to strangers like you, Doc.


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